EB-Dream-Power-New-2Dream Power,
The Magic of Lucid Dreaming,
is a series of dreamshops, webinars, dream groups, retreats and certification courses powering you to Create and Live Your Dreams. Learn how to direct your dreams, both during the day and throughout night, to improve and expand all areas of your life.  Awaken your Dreamer Within and live beyond your Wildest Dreams in 2015!

With Dream Power programs you learn and experience limitless methods, techniques and rituals to multiply your successes, remove obstacles and design your purposeful life . You also learn how to access your “personal Dream Team” to receive deeper insights and interpretations of your Dreams. As you become more proficient as a conscious Lucid Dreamer you can anchor your night dreams in your physical reality.   Through conscious “day time” reality creation processes you begin to step more fully into your living your Dreams!

photo-1Dreaming heals, repairs and re-charges your body and reveals the greater you while you are sleeping. You can influence your waking life through your night Dreams and live a richer more joyous and fulfilled life.  Join Virginia and the Lemurian Dreamers in this exciting expansion of creating your reality and living your Dreams!

Dream Power is a program of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation, a 501 C (3) educational organization.