Full Moon Dream Journey, May 3, 2015

This Full Moon with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio emanates the energies of Love & Compassion.  Enjoy this Dream Journey to the Crystal Temple in Sirius to heal all that stands in your way of self love & compassion.  Then, co-create with the Lemurian  and Siruis Dreamers more Love & Compassion on our planet and in the Universe.  Love 7 Sweet Full Moon Dreams, Virginia



March Full Moon, Virgo/Pisces Dream Journey


The Sun in Pisces, intuition and feelings; The Moon in Virgo, analysis and reason, we can balance/integrate head and heart, matter and spirit, judgment and compassion.

Join with the Lemurian Dreamers and the Dolphins Dreamers on a journey of personal & global healing through Love, Joy and Compassion.



Full Moon Global Dream, 2-3-15

Happy Full Moon at 5:08 pm CST! Moon in Leo, “heart, power and creativity of the individual; Sun in Aquarius, “partnership, collaboration and power of the greater whole of humanity”

Global Dream: To send, dream sparks of love and peaceful evolution to the hearts of all the terrorists (and terrorist within) across the global so that they may “suddenly wake-up” to new ways of freedom.

Link to Dream Journey Ritual to the Temple of Dreams to co-create this Global Dream with the Lemurian Dreamers and the Dolphin Dreamers!

Share your Personal & Global Dreams!

Happy New Moon Dreamers, Magicians & Visionaries!

In this Blog I give you New and Full Moon Rituals audio recordings each month as well as the opportunity to ask for and/or to share a Personal or Global Dream and the eventual
establishment of a community of Dreams Pods around the planet so that we can dream and co-create the New World together!   Dreaming and Living the Dream!  See my earlier post today for the recording of the New Moon Ritual for January 20th.
Love & Sweet Dreams,

Full Moon Dream N Art Class 2015

YOU are the Dreamer and the Artist of your Life!

The Dream N Art Dreamshop launched into the New Year on the
Full Moon, January 4, 2015 in Austin.  Cheryl Rae, Mosaic Artist and Dreamer
and I co-created this exciting and fun adventure!

In this Dream N Art dreamshop we went to the Temple of Dreams, met the Lemurian Dreamers and seeded our Personal and Global Dreams for 2015.  These Dreams will incubate and percolate throughout the year as we periodically go back to the Dream Arc to “tend and add” to our Dreams.   We received a special Dream Symbol from the Lemurian Dreamer that holds the energy of our New Year Dreams.

Then we went became artists!  Each of us replicated our Dream Symbol as a Mosaic Art piece.  The Dream Art was fantastic, everyone made a very unique and beautiful Dream Symbol that holds all the energy of our respective Dreams.  It was such FUN!

We anchored in our Personal and Global Dreams for 2015 during a culminating journey when each person’s Soul and Higher Self infused their Dream Symbol Mosaic with expanded dreams and visions to be revealed as the year progresses.  Very powerful.

You are Dreamer and Artist of your Life!