Full Moon Dream Journey, May 3, 2015

This Full Moon with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio emanates the energies of Love & Compassion.  Enjoy this Dream Journey to the Crystal Temple in Sirius to heal all that stands in your way of self love & compassion.  Then, co-create with the Lemurian  and Siruis Dreamers more Love & Compassion on our planet and in the Universe.  Love 7 Sweet Full Moon Dreams, Virginia



March Full Moon, Virgo/Pisces Dream Journey


The Sun in Pisces, intuition and feelings; The Moon in Virgo, analysis and reason, we can balance/integrate head and heart, matter and spirit, judgment and compassion.

Join with the Lemurian Dreamers and the Dolphins Dreamers on a journey of personal & global healing through Love, Joy and Compassion.



Full Moon Global Dream, 2-3-15

Happy Full Moon at 5:08 pm CST! Moon in Leo, “heart, power and creativity of the individual; Sun in Aquarius, “partnership, collaboration and power of the greater whole of humanity”

Global Dream: To send, dream sparks of love and peaceful evolution to the hearts of all the terrorists (and terrorist within) across the global so that they may “suddenly wake-up” to new ways of freedom.

Link to Dream Journey Ritual to the Temple of Dreams to co-create this Global Dream with the Lemurian Dreamers and the Dolphin Dreamers!

Share your Personal & Global Dreams!

Happy New Moon Dreamers, Magicians & Visionaries!

In this Blog I give you New and Full Moon Rituals audio recordings each month as well as the opportunity to ask for and/or to share a Personal or Global Dream and the eventual
establishment of a community of Dreams Pods around the planet so that we can dream and co-create the New World together!   Dreaming and Living the Dream!  See my earlier post today for the recording of the New Moon Ritual for January 20th.
Love & Sweet Dreams,