aonther-header.pngLucid Dreaming Certification
Resources Unlimited Lucid Dreaming School

During this Lucid Dreamer Certification course, you will connect to your Dreamer within.  You will meet the Ancient Lemurian Dreamers, receive their interpretations of Dreams, learn Dream Rituals, new Dream techniques, co-create personal and global Dreamers with the Dreamers and journey to the various Temples of Dreams: Healing, Forgiveness, Success, Creating/Manifesting, Love, Abundance, Destiny and Gratitude.   You will take practical steps to remove unconscious obstacles in order to more fully live your dreams and to help others to live their dreams.

Vision: To inspire, teach and create a network of Dreamers and Dream Pods around the world so that we may Dream and Co-Create the New Reality into Physical Manifestation.

The Lucid Dreamer Certification courses consists of Three Levels:

  • Lucid Dreamer Initiate
  • Lucid Dreamer for Others and the Planet
  • Lucid Dreamer Coach

 Level I : Lucid Dreamer Initiate

Vision: To initiate Lucid Dreamers as they learn to dream upon request various types of lucid dreams: healing, transforming, creating, manifesting, purpose and destiny.


  • To become a Lucid Dreamer 24/7
  • To anchor night dreams into daytime realities
  • To manifest day dreams into greater success
  • To become a member of a Dream Pod
  • To empower your clients, partners and others to awaken their Lucid Dreamer
  • To create and dream your Dreams for 2015
  • To dream Global Dreams with your Dream Pod

Level I – Lucid Dreamer Initiate

  1. Two 11/2 hour classes, plus 3 weekly 1 hour Dream Group (Pod) with Virginia
  2. Receive a 30-minute Dream Astrology Reading
  3. Learn benefits, techniques for Lucid Dreaming 24-7
  4. Learn “day-time” manifestation processes for greater success in reality creation
  5. Connect with your Ancient partners, the Lemurian Dreamers
  6. Share Dreams, Interpretations, Dream Trance Manifestations with your Dream Pod
  7. Co-Create your desires or healings with your Lemurian Dreamers Team
  8. Become initiated as a Lucid Dreamer 24/7
  9. Anchor your Night Dreams into living your daily life

Level II – Lucid Dreamer for Others & Planet

  • Two 2-hour classes with Dr. V
  • Dream weekly a Dream for Another and/or the Planet.
  • Capture the Dream, write it down, interact with Dreamers, keep receiving information
  • Share with Dream with the person, interact with them and The Lemurian Dreamers to receive extended information
  • Share Dream for Another, Global Dreams, experiences with your Dream Pod and Dr. V, through a weekly on-line, one-hour session.
  • Receive feed back from Dream Pod
  • Private 30 minute session with Dr. V for assessment of completion of Level II.

Level III Lucid Dreaming Coach

  • Two 2-hour classes with Dr. V
  • Lead a Journey twice a week to the Temple of Dreams, Temple of Dream Healers, Temple of Forgiveness, Temple of Success, Temple of Gratitude, Temple of Love
  • Record Journey to share and for feedback from your Dream Pod Initiates
  • Private 15-30 minute session with Dr. V for assessment of completion of Level III
  • Create your own Dream Pod, begin meeting weekly or bi-weekly
  • Continue your Unlimited Journey into the Dream World and beyond
  • Receive Certification as a Lucid Dreaming Coach

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming Certification:

  • Program your dreams for creating your reality anytime you desire
  • Interact with your Dream Guides and receive interpretation of your dreams
  • Experience healing on physical, emotional levels
  • Receive answers to your most pressing questions
  • Find new inspiration and direction
  • Group dream with other Dreamers for personal and global dreams
  • Practice your lucid dreaming skills
  • Refine your ability to co-create with the Dreamers
  • Learn rituals and techniques to direct and interact with your dreams
  • Learn the numerous physical/mental/emotional benefits of night dreams
  • Access information from your subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious minds
  • Discover more of your purpose and destiny
  • Learn to dream Dreams for others and the world
  • Become proficient and confidence with your Lucid Dreaming. Ask and receive Dreams, remembering and receiving interpretation
  • Learn to lead teach others the techniques, rituals of Lucid Dreaming.
  • Lead Guided Journeys to the Temple of Dreams and all the auxiliary Temples
  • Create you own Dream Pod and expand the Dreams for New Reality