The Dream Power Series consists of Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming and Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success.  The two systems work together very powerfully to help you create and manifest the life you desire to live.


Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming is provides information about the benefits of dreaming, gives techniques for programming and directing your dreams and teaches methods for interpretation of dreams. You will meet your personal dream guides, “The Lemurian Dreamers” and begin to access the unlimited information from your Dream world and your Higher Consciousness. Awaken your Inner Dreamer and Live beyond your Wildest Dreams!

Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success is system designed to help you achieve your dreams, goals and visions. Dream Mapping outlines methods to achieve your desires with precision and accuracy.  Dream Mapping consists of a variety of transformational processes that lead to optimal success. Dream Mapping Steps:
Vision, Imagine, Desire, Choose, Act, Expect, Receive.

Faces of Power is an exciting and comprehensive guidebook that will help expand your personal power.   The faces of power are twelve sub-personalities within each individual that make up the whole person.  The twelve faces are:  The Innocent One, The Orphan, The Warrior, The Nurturer, The Love Seeker, The Truth Seeker, The Magical One, The Masterful One, The Destroyer, The Creative One, The Wise One and The Joyful One. The key to your power is energizing each face to work together in creating success and abundance in all areas of your life.

Global Dream Community: Share your dreams or listen to others as we interact with the Dreamers and the Dolphin Dreamers for interpretation and expansion of your dreams. Additionally, you will be initiated as a Lemurian Dreamer and we will dream Personal and Global Dreams together.

Experience the Dream Magic!