Dream Power

dreampowerThe Dream Power Series consists of Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming and Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success.  The two systems work together very powerfully to help you create and manifest the life you desire to live. 

Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming is provides information about the benefits of dreaming, gives techniques for programming and directing your dreams and teaches methods for interpretation of dreams. You will meet your personal dream guides, “The Lemurian Dreamers” and begin to access the unlimited information from your Dream world and your Higher Consciousness. Awaken your Inner Dreamer and Live beyond your Wildest Dreams!

 The Magic of Lucid Dreaming:

  • Deepen your partnership with Self, Higher Self and Soul.
  • Meet your own personal Dream Guides, Lemurian Dreamers
  • Learn to program your dreams for creating your desires
  • Interact with your Dream Guides and receive interpretation of your dreams
  • Experience healing on physical, emotional, mental levels
  • Receive answers to your most pressing questions
  • Find new inspiration and direction
  • Group dream with other Dreamers for personal and global dreams
  • Refine your ability to co-create with the Dreamers
  • Learn rituals and techniques to direct and interact with your dreams
  • Learn the numerous physical/mental/emotional benefits of night dreams
  • Access information from your subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious
  • Discover more of your purpose and destiny
  • Become initiated as a Dreamer
  • Learn to dream Dreams for others and the world
  • Become proficient and confidence with your Lucid Dreaming
  • Ask and receive Dreams, remembering and receiving interpretation
  • Learn to lead teach others the techniques, rituals of Lucid Dreaming.
  • Lead Guided Journeys to the Temple of Dreams and all the auxiliary Temples
  • Create you own Dream Pod and expand the Dreams for the New Reality
  • Become a member of the Global Dream Community

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