10891657_758101897577050_80206220277868838_nLearn how to direct your dreams, both day and night dreams to heal, create, manifest and improve any and all areas of your life. Discover these limitless and effortless methods to multiply your success, remove obstacles and receive messages from your Higher Consciousness.  You learn to combine your nighttime Lucid Dreaming with the daytime Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success, and experience a more fulfillment in your life.   As you become a Lucid Dreamer 24/7, you become aware of the signs and synchronicities all around you that confirm the power of your lucid dreaming and your ability to step into living your dreams with elegance and confidence.

 During Dreamshops you will learn:

  • To become a Lucid Dreamer 24/7
  • To anchor night dreams into daytime realities
  • To manifest day dreams into greater success
  • To become a member of a Dream Pod
  • To empower your clients, partners to awaken their Lucid Dreamer
  • To create and dream your Dreams for 2015
  • To dream Global Dreams with your Dream Pod

Dreamshops Schedule: 

Sunday, January 4, Austin, TX
Thursday, January 8, Austin, TX
Saturday, January 17, 24, 31, Austin, TX

Dreaminars – (online webinars)- TBA

Solstice 2014 Dreaminar
A guided meditation to create new beginnings, New Moon and Winter Solstice 2014
15 minutes.  Click here.