Faces of Power

facesFaces of Power is an exciting and comprehensive guidebook that will help expand your personal power.   The faces of power are twelve sub-personalities within each individual that make up the whole person.  The twelve faces are:  The Innocent One, The Orphan, The Warrior, The Nurturer, The Love Seeker, The Truth Seeker, The Magical One, The Masterful One, The Destroyer, The Creative One, The Wise One and The Joyful One. The key to your power is energizing each face to work together in creating success and abundance in all areas of your life.

Includes guided visualizations for the following:

  • Becoming the Valued Self
  • Releasing Anxiety, Building Trust
  • Releasing Stress, Conflict Resolution
  • Changing Beliefs, Expanding Gratitude
  • Setting and Manifesting Your Goals
  • Designing Your Formula for Success
  • Expanding Your New Image
  • Enhancing Qualities of Love and Intimacy
  • Initiating the Power of Choice
  • Living the Principles of Love & Empowerment
  • Designing Your Future

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