Virginia Palmer, PhD

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Virginia Palmer, PhD, is a Master Coach, Astrologer and Lucid Dreamer.  

Virginia can “Dream a Dream for You”.      She has the ability to dream Dreams for others. In your “pre-Dream session” Virginia processes with you to refine your dream request from the following types of dreams: Creating/Manifesting, Healing/Transforming, Purpose/Destiny and more. She then dreams your Dream, receives interpretation from the Lemurian Dreamers, process with you to you analyze and interpret the results. During your “post Dream session” Virginia helps with your next steps to anchor the Dream into your life. This is a personal consultation to work on any area of your life to bring your wishes and desires into physical manifestation.

Experience a Transformational Astrology Reading from Virginia. She will translate the energy aspects of your natal chart and your current transits to find opportunities for Quantum Leaps and New Dreams. Virginia shows you how to transform obstacles, prepare for positive and challenging transits and to manifest more success. She determines the location of the dream portals and power points in your natal chart and assists you in developing more of your personal power and higher purpose.

Dream a Dream for You:  $150
Transformational Astrology  $100 per hour
Personal Power Consultation   $100 per hour

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., Transformation and Success Coach, Astrologer and certified Lucid Dreamer, is Founder of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation, 501 c (3);
and Partner in MV Green Power LLC.

Virginia has a BA in Journalism; MA in Counseling; Ph.D. in Human Development.
She combines 25 years of personal empowerment seminars, leadership training, transformational astrology, success coaching and leadership training with her Dream Power series.  Virginia is committed to inspiring and assisting people in manifesting their goals and living their dreams.

 Virginia is author of StressWorks; Leadership and Group Dynamics; Personal Management Pattern; Faces of Power, A Guide to Personal Empowerment, Dream Mapping, Avenues to Greater Success and Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming.

She lives in Austin, TX.